Why Are Technology News Articles So Valuable?

Technology news is a daily event, and one never knows what is going to hit the media next. Take a look at some of the comments on tech news websites. Some are hilarious, but others offer important and relevant information that the public needs to know. One recent article in particular caught our attention. A reader comments asked how it feels to have your fingers burned from touching the screen. This question got us wondering about a potential new medical device called iontophoresis that may help heal burns and other injuries with the use of negative ions.


It is important to understand that when these types of comments and articles are written by a nonprofessional writer it is impossible to know what they are really talking about. These articles tend to discuss the newest technologies and products that get the highest consumer ratings, but seldom provide consumers with sound scientific research or critical issues. Many of the articles seem more like marketing hype than a real look at how technology affects the real world. We asked a number of questions to find out why these articles often miss the mark.


One of the most common answers we received was that the person writing the article may not be a professional in the field. This could be true, but usually a registered nurse or other healthcare professional would be able to write an article about this very subject. It could also be true that they don’t have the technical skills necessary to write about the topic. In many cases, the lack of experience or skill made them write in a manner that makes the article difficult to understand.


Another reason why readers often have a hard time understanding articles is that the author is typically trying to sell their perspective or product. This often means that the article is very sales oriented, and often puts readers on edge. Technology is wonderful and valuable to everyone, but often many readers feel like articles written by those who have a product to sell are over saturated with information. Some articles written by those who are trying to sell are even more difficult to understand because it’s almost as if they’re trying to persuade you to buy their product. The title might suggest otherwise, but with the volume of information on any topic, the title has little impact unless the article reads well and delivers good information.


Many of the articles we received were clearly product-driven. In many cases, the author was quoting someone who was making a specific product and was touting how much they loved the product. It was clear that the author was using their position to sell the reader on buying a specific brand. Most of us have seen this in news articles in which there was some great value to the product or company being talked about, but the writer just wanted to sell it. From this perspective, technology news is often not about technology at all, but rather about selling products or services.


When an article is well-written and contains relevant information, it can be read as information. People don’t often click to read an article that starts off with “I hate this…it’s garbage.” Instead, they read the first sentence and determine if the article makes sense or if they need more information. If the article makes sense, then the reader will read on and most likely make a purchase or endorsement.


But many articles are not well-written and provide very little information. They don’t really tell the story in any way, but merely provide advertising. Sometimes they’re just full of buzz words and other phrases that sound like they’re important but really have nothing to do with the subject. Other times, the article is simply not well-written, and doesn’t have anything to do with the subject at all. This makes for a very boring read and often results in a low click-through rate for the author or site being advertised.


Another problem is that many times these articles are posted on blogs instead of being submitted to directories. When this happens, these articles often get lost in the huge amount of other material that’s posted every day. Submitting the same article to hundreds or thousands of different publications is simply asking for failure. Many people choose to publish articles that have been submitted elsewhere because it gives them more exposure, which increases their chances of becoming viral marketing successes themselves.


The only way that these articles can remain useful is if they’re picked up and published by other websites and distributed across the Internet. There are various article syndication sites available that allow anyone to publish their own articles to thousands of websites for a small fee. Because technology news is so important to the modern businessman, the average person interested in reading up about new trends should do so through one of these sites. Allowing everyone the opportunity to read up on the latest trends will help create an awareness of the products and services that are available, allowing people to purchase and read more about them. Technology news articles are still valuable sources of information, even when they’re not always picked up by the average person.

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