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The Samsung Galaxy S is not your ordinary mobile phone. It has several unique features that have differentiated it from all the other competing handsets. The first and foremost feature is the Dual SIM card that allows you to operate two mobile phones at the same time. In fact, with a single Samsung Galaxy S, you can be selecting different service providers in two distinct ways – in single or double mode. If you are looking for the best tech news, you will know how Samsung has made this possible.


If you are a fan of YouTube, you would have noticed the presence of the YouTube application on almost every mobile phone. Thanks to the powerful device called the Android, the application has been modified to run on the Galaxy S as well. You can use the same YouTube video player that you use on your Flip or HTC Evo, thereby allowing you to watch your videos on the Samsung Galaxy S even while you are driving your car! This is the wonder achievement of the xiaomi redmi, tl and other budget handsets that are coming up.


With the power of internet, the mobile market of almost all countries is witnessing a revolution. The most powerful gadget in such a field is the Samsung Galaxy S. Users love to watch videos on YouTube on the go. But, what if you want to share your video on the Internet? How can you do this if the screen of your phone is so small? You just cannot see it with the eye, right?


This is the reason why you have to have the ultimate media player such as the Samsung Galaxy S. Why should anyone settle for the ordinary players like the LG iPhone and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini when they have the opportunity to go ahead with the best technology out there? This is the question that many people are asking when they look at the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S and compare them with those of the competition. Let us see if the new version of the Samsung Galaxy S really helps in the field of entertainment.


When we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S, we find that it comes with two SIM cards. The first one comes with the standard connectivity features, and the other adds Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The second SIM card comes with triple play options. First, it allows you to get online, connect to the web, and play some games. Second, you can connect to the MMS service along with the Facebook and twitter services.


The success of the Samsung Galaxy S has not ended here. There have been several mobile brands that have launched products based on the success of the brand. The first one is the LG mobile line. The second is the Nokia handset named the ELine. The third is the HTC Desire smartphone which is equipped with the best technology mobile phones like the HTC Desire HD, the Samsung Galaxy S and the LG iPhone.


The Samsung Galaxy S comes with the advanced power cord that provides power to the mobile at all times. This also ensures that you have the ability to charge your mobile whenever the need arises. This is because of the portable Quick Charge technology with which the Samsung Galaxy S comes with. You can also make use of the headphones in order to listen to your favorite music as well as catch up with your favorite TV shows.


The Samsung Galaxy S is provided with an inbuilt memory which is expandable. Thus you will be able to add more memory to your mobile when required. This will enable you to make use of the data such as videos, pictures, music CDs, and so on. This will help you to enjoy your multimedia devices even further. The inbuilt memory of the Samsung Galaxy S helps in saving all the information that you find in your contact books and emails. You can also backup all the data such as photos, documents, videos and so on using the built in memory of the Samsung Galaxy S and the pinyin keyboard.

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